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Business waste reduction

Every business generates waste. Whatever kind of waste you produce, it will cost you money to dispose of. By doing nothing, your costs will continue to rise as the cost of managing waste increases. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from cutting waste and it doesn't cost the earth.

Top tips for saving money:

  • Talk to your waste contractor or your council about recycling collections

  • Set up separate used cooking oil collections, food waste collections, or look into composting

  • Ask before giving customers bags, disposable cutlery, or paper serviettes
  • Stock loose items where possible and avoid over-packaged products
  • Ensure staff have reusable mugs and glasses, not disposable cups

  • Reuse incoming packaging and boxes for outgoing deliveries

  • Use rechargeable batteries and refillable printer cartridges

  • Provide ‘doggie bags’ for customers to take their uneaten food home

  • Always print double-sided

The Waste and Resources Action Programme also provides lots of practical advice to help businesses become more resource efficient. Visit the Wrap website here to find out more.