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Haelan Centre

For more than 40 years the Haelan Centre has been a pioneer in organic food and natural remedies. Their unique stores in Crouch End and the bottom of Muswell Hill offer a range of natural and organic produce and products whilst being friendly, down to earth and affordable.

This is what they did to reduce their waste:

  • Receipts are only printed if the customer requires one.
  • Customers are encouraged to return empty bottles to the store. Suppliers offer 5p for every bottle returned to their factories for reuse or recycling.
  • Regular customers are encouraged to re use their carrier bags by providing them with a durable solution first time round. As a result they hardly ever re-order carrier bags into store, saving money and resources.
  • The store provides refill stations for a range of cleaning products. Customers are encouraged to reuse the original packaging by offering discount prices on the refills.

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