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Wasting Less in Business

Save your business money

All businesses have to pay to dispose of waste and this can be expensive. Therefore one of the easiest ways for businesses to save money is to create less waste in the first place. To help your business waste less and save money, we have created  'Waste Less, Save More Guides for North London Businesses.' These guides are full of advice and tips for all kinds of businesses. To download, click on the relevant business guide below.

Guides for: 
Restaurant, café or takeaway owners 
Shop owners

In most offices, paper can make up a big proportion of the waste that is disposed or recycled every day. Why not: Instigate a ‘think before you print’ campaign, which could include: setting printers and photocopies to print double-sided as standard and encouraging everyone to use up old scraps of paper instead of buying sticky note pads

Furniture and electrical equipment 
Electrical equipment is one of the fastest growing sources of waste from north London businesses. Electrical waste can sometimes also create harmful waste due to heavy metals, non-biodegradable plastics, battery acids and other hazardous elements. It can also pose a security risk if any sensitive information is left on unprotected hard disks or other storage media. 

The best option for businesses if it is necessary to throw something away is to donate the product to a local re-use organisation so it can be used again. For further information go to the London Re-use Network's website to find out what services are available in your area. And if you are looking to buy good quality, low cost office furniture or equipment then the London Re-use Network may be able to help too. Re-used goods offer excellent value if you are a new business starting up, moving offices, or expanding your workforce. The furniture that is available has typically only been used for a fraction of its intended life span. Everything that the London Re-use Network sells has been cleaned and tested for quality and safety. For more information go to the business page on the London Re-use Network website.