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NLWA Wise up to Waste

Where to find help

Free advice

Environment Agency
The Environment Agency can provide information on permitting and regulations.
The site provides information on environment and efficiency for small and medium-sized businesses.

Green Light North London
Green Light North London programme is now closed but provides useful information for businesses to improve their environmental performance.

London Sustainability Exchange
London Sustainability Exchange provides advice to businesses to improve environmental and social performance.

National Industrial Symbiosis Programme
The National Industrial Symbiosis Programme offers workshops to maximise networking opportunities with other companies from a range of all businesses.

Waste and Resources Action Programme
The Waste and Resources Action Programme can provide practical advice to help businesses become more resource efficient.

Free reuse and recycling services

 works with thousands of businesses, supermarkets, housing associations and schools to reduce the impact of clothes waste.

Computer Aid International
Computer Aid International is a charity that reduces poverty by reusing donated computers in developing countries.

Freecycle is a free online resource which matches people who have unwanted items with people who can use them.

Freegle is an email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups for exchanging unwanted but reusable items.

Giving World Online
Giving World Online is an organisation linking businesses with unwanted goods to charities and the people they help.

Living Fuels
Living Fuels collect large quantities of used cooking oil for free. 

London Re-use
London Re-use collects redundant office furniture and equipment to pass on to those who need it.

 London Waste Oil
London Waste Oil collect used cooking oil for free.

Street Bank
Streetbank website lets you find and share things in your neighbourhood.

Read International
Reed International collect books to fund school libraries in Africa.