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Closure of In-Vessel Compost Plant

On 27 October 2018, the In-Vessel Compost Plant (IVC) at Edmonton EcoPark closed. This closure allows for ground investigation work for the new Energy Recovery Facility (ERF). The current energy centre at the EcoPark is nearly 50 years old and needs replacing to enable us to continue to process north London’s residual waste. Whilst every effort is made to encourage recycling across north London, not everyone recycles and not everything is recyclable so the ‘leftover’ waste needs disposing of properly and safely.

As a result of the IVC closure, compost is no longer available free-of-charge to north London residents. However, residents can buy compost made from composted organic waste from other outlets such as garden centres and supermarkets. Home composting is another alternative – some useful information is available at recyclenow.com/reduce-waste/composting. The seven north London Councils also offer subsidised composting bins.

Further information is available here. If you have any questions about the closure, please click here.