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Local groups in the community

Free online exchange groups

There are several free, online exchange groups operating in each of the north London boroughs where people can swap unwanted goods, which may still be useful to others. 

Freecycle™ is a way that people who have things they want to get rid of can find people who can use them. Freecycle™ operates via the internet. Membership is free and the groups are run at a local community level by volunteers. Simply sign up and either search for products you want, or post a description of the product you want to get rid of. This helps keep unwanted products out of the waste-stream and gives them a new life with a new owner. 

Freegle is an email list hosted on Yahoo! Groups that allows you to give things away when you need to get rid of them but don’t want to throw them in the bin. Likewise, if you need an item you can request one on the list in the same way and if someone has what you’d like they will contact you directly to offer it.

London Yard Sale is a forum for anyone interested in holding or attending a yard sale. Traditionally popular in America, there is a growing trend for yard sales in the UK, as they allow you to pass on items you no longer want, at the same time as making a bit of money. The website provides plenty of advice about the best way to promote and run a yard sale, as well as free event listing online.