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Smart shopping

Try our top tips for smart clothes shopping, including buying and finding good quality second hand garments:

  • Try to go clothes shopping with a clear idea of what you intend to buy. It is so easy to get distracted and end up buying things we don’t actually need (spending money we didn’t need to spend)
  • Try writing a list before you shop to help keep focused
  • Visit or host a swishing event (a clothes swapping party) to get good quality second hand items.
  • Use the Charity Retail Association’s handy tool at to find your nearest charity shop - buying in a charity shop is a great way to grab a bargain.  And if you find something you like, that doesn't quite fit, its really easy to alter or repair a garment too!  Buying second hand is great way to try a new look too.
  • Find your local vintage clothes shops - there are plenty of these in north London!
  • Look at community giveaway websites, such as Freecycle, Freegle and Streetbank
  • Attend a car boot sale
  • Visit websites such as Ebay or GumTree to make a purchase