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A clothes swapping party?

Yes, a party (or swishing party to give it its proper name) where you swap clothes is a great way to have a clear out and get a whole new wardrobe without spending any money at all. The idea is to get together with friends and family to swap clothes, accessories and shoes. This is how it works:

Step 1: decide on a venue 
If you have enough space, you might like to hold it in your home. If not, you could ask a friend to host the party, or organise a lunch-time swish at work. There is no reason why you couldn’t hold the event in a public place such as a community centre, but don’t forget there may be a charge for hiring the venue
Step 2: decide who to invite

It is a great opportunity to invite neighbours over or see old friends again.  You could send emails out via email or social media to save time and paper!

Step 3: decide on a date that everyone can make
Deciding on the best time to hold a swishing party is important - it might work well to hold it on a week night so that people can pop in after work, or make it into more of a party and hold it at the weekend?

Step 4:  organise your party
There are a number of different ways to organise your swishing party. You could make it open to everyone to bring items they want; or ask them to bring a specific type of item, such as shoes, or maternity clothes. Or if you have some special or expensive items, ask guests to bring at least one high quality item. Give your guests one ‘token’ (this could be a button or a ribbon) for every item they bring. Allow your guests to browse and when someone chooses an item, ask them to pay one token for it.

Our top swishing party tips!

  • Ask a friend who is good at sewing to do minor repairs on the day
  • If you know an aspiring make-up artist or style consultant, ask if they would like to provide mini makeovers or style advice at the party
  • Make a night of it – use your Saturday afternoon swish as a way to meet up and choose a new outfit before a big night out
  • Make sure there is a mirror, and if possible, a changing area available
  • Give a little introduction at the beginning of the party, explaining whether you will use a certain system, and set some ground rules
  • Ask your guests to be polite and share, items are taken on a ‘first come, first served’ basis
  • To complete the personal experience, provide home-made tags to label items. You may decide to do this for all items, or just for special pieces that are donated.

Large organised swishing events.

There are large organised swishing events if you don't fancy hosting your own.  Visit the Love Your Clothes website to find an event near you.

Let us know how your party goes!

We’d love to hear how your party goes, so send us your comments and share your party photos by emailing us at wastepreventionteam@nlwa.gov.uk or contact us via Twitter @wiseuptowaste using the hashtag #swishing or via Facebook at wiseup2waste