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Repair Cafés


Come along and learn repair skills to give new life to items that you would normally throw away and make them useable again.

Do you have a bike sitting in your garage that you’ve been meaning to get repaired? Perhaps your favourite trousers are in need of a new waistband? Want to give that blouse you love a new lease of life? Or maybe you have an old item of furniture that you can’t bear to part with but is in need of a spruce up?

North London Waste Authority is excited to be delivering some more Repair Café events in early 2019, to help you repair your damaged belongings and fix your broken household items for FREE. Take a look at our Events Pages for more details of the event that is nearest to you.

The information below provides further details about what to expect and how to book, or take a look at the video from our launch in Camden.

By repairing items we already own, it stops us having to buy new stuff. This has a positive impact on the environment (and our wallets) as raw materials can be preserved and items are prevented from becoming waste.

What are Repair Cafés?

Repair Cafés are events where you can book a 30 minute repair slot online and then bring along old or damaged belongings such as clothes, small household furniture items, and bicycles to be potentially fixed by repair specialists, for free. In addition to fixing an item, the repair specialists will train you one-on-one throughout the repair process, so that you can repair your item yourself in the future. A Repair Café is not a place for people to simply drop off broken items, but you will get to interact with the repair specialists, learn skills and build a relationship with the processes and materials that go into the manufacturing of products.

To find out more about our repair specialists, click on their profile pages linked from the left of this page.

The Repair Cafés will be taking place in Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest on different weekends from the end of September. North London residents are only able to attend the Repair Cafés taking place in the borough where they live and proof of address may be requested on entry.

How to book

If you have items that you would like to be repaired at one of these events it is strongly advised that you book a repair slot by clicking on your local Repair Café below and then filling in the online booking form that you will be taken to.

Each Repair Café will last three hours, and at each event there will be six 30 minute slots available in each of the three repair categories (textiles, furniture and bicycles). You are permitted to book one repair slot per event in the category that your item falls under. Repair slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Before attending an event, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, which includes what to expect on the day along with health and safety and data protection requirements.


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Note on furniture repairs - bring along a photo

Do you have a large piece of furniture in need of repair but that is too big or heavy to bring to the Repair Cafe? Simply take some photos of the item on your phone, book a furniture repair time slot and come along for a free consultation with our furniture repair specialist to get some advice on how to repair your item yourself at home!


Note on textile repairs - zip replacements

If you want a zip repaired/replaced, please bring a replacement zip with you to the repair café. If you are not sure of the size or type to buy, we suggest you take the item of clothing to a haberdashery shop or market stall and they should be able to advise you what type to buy.