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Meet the Repair Specialists - Anabel Sanchez

Anabel Sanchez is Head Mechanic at Cycle Confident, where she manages their fleet of 300 bikes in London and Cycle Confident’s Dr Bike mechanics.  Amongst her many responsibilities, she teaches mechanics qualifications and carries out quality assessments to ensure that new and current mechanics at Cycle Confident deliver work to the highest standards. She also manages projects and events, such as selecting the right team to support NLWA’s Repair Cafés.

Anabel has been with Cycle Confident for eight years and says it’s her dream job.

When asked what gives her most satisfaction in her job, Anabel says: “Getting people on bikes and teaching them so they are confident fixing their bikes and looking after them.”

Anabel started as a bicycle courier and she and her bikes quickly became inseparable. “First I taught myself how to fix things and then I taught others. I became really interested in sharing the knowledge required to fix bikes and then I started to train students so they can gain mechanics qualifications. It’s been a nice journey!”

We are pleased to be involved with NLWA and the Repair Cafés. It’s such a good fit. We very much believe that bikes should be repaired in order to reduce waste and it is important that bikes are kept running. At Cycle Confident, we are always keen to get involved in green projects and initiatives, from helping to improve air quality to helping to prevent waste.

Anabel’s tips and advice:

  • Always keep your bike clean to prevent wear and tear
  • If in doubt, just go to your local bike shop for advice, they’ll be more than happy to help
  • Trust your mechanics’ advice, he or she will always be keen to ensure your bike is safe to ride
  • Pump your tires regularly to prevent punctures
  • If you bike is clean and safe to ride, it’s going to perform better and you’ll get more and more confident riding it in all weathers.