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Meet the Specialists - Claire Storey

Claire Storey 

Claire Storey, 29, has been working at TRAID since 2011, visiting schools and running events such as upcycling workshops across London and discussing the impacts fast fashion is causing, socially and environmentally. She’s excited about working with NLWA for the first time on the Repair Cafés.

Claire Storey says: “I love running workshops and teaching people how to mend their clothes, giving them the confidence to sew and repair an item of clothing they love and still want to wear. The best part of helping someone fix their clothes is hearing them talk about more things at home that they plan to fix, now that they know how to sew.

It’s important to reduce our waste. We are consuming and throwing away far too much for our environment. If you love a garment, look after it and care for it.”

Claire’s tips and advice:

  • Never cut any fabric until you are 100% sure!
  • Pin, tack, sew… always. There’s no such thing as shortcuts.