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Meet the Specialists - Jaime Greenly

Jaime Greenly 

Jaime Greenly works at Traid where she talks to people about the work the charity does in education and international development projects. Jamie always encourages people to donate clothes they aren’t wearing anymore and buy second hand!

On being involved with the Repair Cafés, Jaime says: “I have been a sewing teacher for about 6-7 years and helping with the Repair Cafés was a natural fit. I hate the thought of clothing or textiles going to waste just because someone doesn’t know how to fix it or doesn’t have the tools. I’ve been repairing and sewing my whole life and I love giving people skills they didn’t have before and seeing how proud fixers are at the end.

It gives me great satisfaction to see people go away happy and proud of what they’ve done and thinking about all the other things they can repair at home.”

Jaime meets many interesting people when she teaches and has lots of funny and sweet anecdotes to share. One of these is about a man who regularly gets advice from Jaime and her colleagues at Traid. She says:This lovely man initially brought a lovely Nepalese rug to fix that was full of moth holes. He’s still working on it after almost a year, it’s beautiful to see someone persevere with a slow and meaningful project; it’s a well-loved rug and will get lots more use!  He’s got the bug now and has brought loads of clothes to repair too.” 

Jaime’s tips and advice:

  • Don’t be afraid of visible mending!
  • Sew on a patch in a different colour or use a bright thread to darn a moth hole. It shows the item is cared for and you’ve got a great story to tell.