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RELOVED Winners- Malka Silcott

The combination of mustard and dark blue comes from Malka's love for bumblebees as well as the Spring and Autumn season. Although it was not a planned design, she still wanted to create something that represents her style, something that has character and to show what can be done with preloved clothing.                  

Materials used:

  • 8-panel mustard colour full-length lined skirt. This skirt was from recycling materials at the Traid shop.
  • The dark blue double sheet was a donation.
  • Two 9" Zippers from old sweatpants which was previously gifted. 

Upcycling process:

  1. Taking the skirt apart: Malka removed the waistband and took out the back zipper, also separating the lining from the skirt. Malka cut off about 15 inches from waist down on both lining and skirt and opened the back and side seams then press seams open on both lining and skirt.
  2. Freehand cutting: From the lower half of the skirt, she cut out the pieces for the swing Jacket using 4 panels for the back, 2 panels each for the front of the jacket. She went ahead and use the same lining from the skirt to line the swing jacket. The piece that were previously cut off which she used to make the collar, sleeves and facing. The welt pockets, bow and inner collar were cut from the sheet.