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Composting at school

Composting saves money, saves energy, saves water and provides free garden compost year after year.

Composting at school is a fun way to learn about nature while also reducing the amount of organic waste that the school sends to landfill. An added bonus is that students can actually get to see the end result of their efforts - their finished compost being used in the school grounds. 

More advice on school composting including a guide to composting at school and resource packs can be found at the Recycle Now Schools Composting Guide 

Wormeries are an interesting alternative to composting and a fun, educational way to get children interested in recycling and composting. Worms are an essential part of the environment, mixing up and breaking down organic matter and will turn your food waste into plant food.

Composting can be used for the study of: 

  • Minibeasts 
  • School grounds
  • Food chains
  • Micro-organisms and decay
  • Helping plants grow
  • Measuring
  • Improving the environment
  • Involving the local community 
    in a multitude of ways