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Waste Less At School

Reducing waste at school is as easy as A, B, C...

There are several ways schools can look at reducing the amount of waste they throw away every day. Waste prevention is a better environmental option and usually cheaper than either recycling or waste disposal.

There are lots of simple actions that your school can take to reduce its waste:

  • Think about the packaging used in your lunch and try to prepare a waste-free lunch. The aim of the waste-free lunch is for each pupil to bring a packed lunch, which produces as little food and packaging waste as possible.
  • Use reusable bottles for juice or water instead of buying a new container every day.
  • Make double-sided photocopies where possible.

  • Print only when necessary. Try and keep electronic copies of files instead of printing everything out.

  • If paper has only been written or printed on one side why not use it as scrap paper for messages, notes and lists. Keep a tray for one-sided paper to reuse.