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Real nappies

NLWA has supported the use of real nappies in north London since 2005 by offering parents / carers a subsidy of up to £54.15 to purchase and trial real nappies.

Why use real nappies?

Read all about the many benefits of using real (reusable) nappies in our downloadable real nappies leaflet here

Below are just a few of these benefits: 

  • Save money - the costs of real nappies are cheaper than buying disposables in the long run. 

  • Reduce waste - a baby uses an average of 6,000 nappies from birth to potty.  

  • Real nappies do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Claim your subsidy of £54.15 to purchase and trial real nappies and try them for free - they are easier than you think!  

To claim your discount towards real (reusable) nappies, please contact your local council by clicking on the relevant link below which will take you to your local Council website to claim your subsidy:







Waltham Forest

What is it like using real nappies in reality?

Amanda Irwin; mum of six month old Beatrix from Islington, was a ‘real nappy sceptic’ until she went to a demo to see how they worked. She then claimed her free real nappies voucher and has never looked back. Amanda says:

“I’ve been using real nappies with Beatrix since she was born, they are easy to use and we have a variety of different brands. The nappy she wears usually just depends on which one matches her outfit the best! I would highly recommend other mums give reusable nappies ago. Even part time use is a help with your household costs and waste, they’re better for the environment, your baby is likely to potty train much earlier, plus they come in super cute colours and prints!”

Find out more by visiting the Real Nappies for London website.  Real Nappies for London is a London-wide scheme which provides parents with an opportunity to try real nappies, and lists real nappy events and workshops that are happening across north London.