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Waste less and save more at home

Why waste less at home?

Reducing waste at home is a great way to save money. In this section you will find lots of tips and advice on how to waste less and save money when shopping and at the same time be kinder to the environment. 

We all take a range of factors into account when we shop, such as the cost of what we are buying, quality, or even ethics. Many of the products we buy generate waste and cost your council, or sometimes cost individuals directly, to dispose of them when no longer wanted. If we make small changes at home, adjusting purchasing habits, reusing, recycling and composting instead of throwing away, the results can be significant over a longer period of time.

In particular, this section discusses how to reduce food waste; making decisions about packaging; reusing bags; buying products as refills or concentrates or buying items that will last or reusable products.